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	Language:          Baronh
	Creator:           Morioka Hiroyuki
        First Appearance:  Seikai no Monshou, 1996
	Speaker:	   Abh
	Area:              A half of the Galaxy
	Time:              Far Future

Who is Morioka Hiroyuki?

Baronh is a language constructed by Morioka Hiroyuki, a Japanese sci-fi writer. Since his first work Yume no ki ga tsugeta nara(If you can graft a dream tree) Morioka shows his linguistic intention apparently, and his talent as a language constructor has flourished in his bestseller novel Seikai no Monshou in 1996.

Morioka released six books for his Seikai series and some novelettes in which most of characters speak in Baronh. He published some parts of Baronh grammar, including noun and pronoun inflection and verb conjugation.

The whole of Seikai no Monshou and the first volume of its sequel Seikai no Senki is animationized by Sunrise(they products also Gundum series). Each episode contains a brief narration in Baronh, subtitled by Japanese.

What is Abh?

Abh is a fictional race in the world of Seikai no Monshou. Abh are spacenoids in born and seldom live on the earth. They have no trouble even under 7 or 8G accellaration. All of them are beautiful and enjoy living over 200 years life. They are noticeable with their blue-like hairs. Shortly they could be a humanoid but not 'homo sapience'.

Now Abh rule a half of the galaxy under the name of so-called 'Bar Frybarec'(Abh Empire) but in original they were created as slaves.

A space colony synthesized Abh in gene technological way as "biomachines" and sent for seeking habitable planets into the deep space. After a long voyage they decided to get independent from the colony. Because of misunderstanding between Abh and their homeland colony, the colony was destroyed by Abh completely and then Abh decided to keep the tradition of the colony including their particular language.

According to a character in the novel, Abh meant Heaven or People-in-Sea in Old Baronh.

What is Baronh origin?

Since Japanese revisionalists established the mother colony which created Abh, their language are derived from Japanese in a way.

Modern or even ancient Japanese is strongly influenced by foreign cultures including languages: Chinese, Portuguese, Dutch or English. In Seikai no Monshou, this tendency becomes much stronger in future. Some revisionalists can't bear that situation and made a colony whose citizens accept only 'purified' Japanese culture. For purification of culture, those revisionalists reconstruct their own language from the ancient source. That constructed language was refered as Toyoashihara by its speakers, though Abh often call their ancestral language 'Old Baronh'.

Can I get the resource on Baronh in print?

If you avail Seikai no Monshou Dokuhon, Hayakawa Publishing (ISBN4-15-208211-9), you find brief description on its grammar and phonetics on page 171 to 166.

There are fan products though supervised by the author himself, but they are only available in a convention called Comic Market(Tokyo, Summer and Winter) twice a year.

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Our contents are based on Morioka Hiroyuki's novels Seikai no Monchou(Crest of the Stars), Seikai no Senki(Banner of the Stars) and any other subsequence products. See also our bibliography(in Japanese).
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