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Here we recommend non-Japanese websites on Morioka Hiroyuki, a Japanese sci-fi writer and his Seikai series including the Seiun Award winning Seikai no Monshou and their subsequents: anime & videogame.

We group those websites into their language. Languages are listed alphabetically.

You will be appreciated to notice us a site cool but unfortunately missed here.


Crest of the Stars (Seikai no Monshou)

Nonchan introduces you not only stories of the novels but their background: the structure of Abh society and their culture including their language. There you can see all letters of Ath, the script of Abh. A good quality of biblio- and filmography on Seikai series are also available.

Japanese description: 英語星界サイトの老舗。アース(アーヴ文字)の紹介あり。書誌情報やフィルモグラフィも充実(02/09/2001)。



Una breve cretica sul amine del Seikai no Monshou. È obiettova e precisa abbastanza.

Japanese description: イタリア語によるアニメ『星界の紋章』のレヴュー。好意的な内容で内容把握もかなり正確。「アーヴ」と「アーヴ語」を混同しているところはおちゃめか(02/09/2001)。


Wiregauze's Site

An introduction into the Seikai series in Korean. The author said s/he owes Nonchan very much.

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